Friday, December 3, 2010

good critters

I think, therefore I blog??? something like that. Great garden season, even though it was crazy hot with little rain. I cant believe its December 3 and we still have roses blossoming, still have carrots in the ground that are about 14" long, and still getting herbs for pasta sauce. Oh, we still have peppers also, spicy ones, bell ones, green ones, red ones, orange ones, yellow ones. The past two summers Snaggle and I have unleashed Praying Mantis ?Eggs/sack/thing? to combat aphids and other bad critters. You wonder, did it work, am I going to get Mantis? Than one day you see one the size of your pinky nail and your stoked. Maybe late in the summer or early fall, you go to look out the window and check the tomatoes. BAMMMMM, mother fucking dinosaur sized Mantis staring right back at you, holy shit did we hatch that thing? Holy shit does that thing want to eat me? So cool.

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