Monday, December 27, 2010

greetings from ecuador

Almost Flat in Ayampe
Snaggle asked why I would bring all the small wave toys?

This was the biggest wave we saw the 1st week

nanny nanny we still got in the water
Snaggle got really good at her Mat that Santa got her for christmas

Snaggle owning it on her Fourth Gear Flyer by Paul Gross

apparently we are here for a bodysurf trip but have to squeezed in a couple surfs. Waiting on three huge swells, here for 11 days but may turn into two and a half weeks.

A moment with Nature

Updated, in Ecuador you burn your idols, heroes and villains, its a New Years Eve tradition. Translation, a surf sacrifice was in order...

the last supper

burn your idols


scary new years leprechaun
Burn Idols Burn
Party Animals, we stayed up until 12:15 AM rage til dawn

New Year, no more getting skunked on surf trips, bring on an epic 2011!!!!
1/2/2011 Sacrifice Worked

Friday, December 17, 2010

stupid winter

Scenes from winter's past. Waiting on a Nor'Easter b4 we head off to Ecuador for warm waves and a tasty buzz, Ahhhh, the equator about as far as you can get from a waveless 14 degree december. Oh sure NJ was good for a day but than it was freezing cold and flat for the rest of the time, one bomb swell in 6 weeks just leads to god awful paddle outs and a lack of comfort in your 6/5/4. Winter pretty much sucks, but it sure makes for some pretty pictures.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirty Jersey

Aint no joke, 6 weeks of shitness greeted by a massive punch in the head. No its not the Situation getting ready to paddle out but its sure as shit the Jersey Shore. Snooki Dont Surf.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

summer and fall salads

that sums it up, the big yellow tomato's were feral, by far the biggest fruit of all the tomatoes we grew. Being I wasnt lucky enough to pick them all before the rotted from the vine I am sure we will have several more giant yellow tomato plants next year. The cherry tomatoes went bonkers, I think at one point the garden alley was an in passable forest of cherry tomatoes.

Earlier this year I learned I am now allergic to bees while trying to take fotos of my parents honey beehives, no bueno. Brought flashbacks of a close friend who passed away a year prior from being stung by a wasp. My arm inflated like a balloon from the tip of my finger to the top of my shoulder, four days of misery.

Friday, December 3, 2010

good critters

I think, therefore I blog??? something like that. Great garden season, even though it was crazy hot with little rain. I cant believe its December 3 and we still have roses blossoming, still have carrots in the ground that are about 14" long, and still getting herbs for pasta sauce. Oh, we still have peppers also, spicy ones, bell ones, green ones, red ones, orange ones, yellow ones. The past two summers Snaggle and I have unleashed Praying Mantis ?Eggs/sack/thing? to combat aphids and other bad critters. You wonder, did it work, am I going to get Mantis? Than one day you see one the size of your pinky nail and your stoked. Maybe late in the summer or early fall, you go to look out the window and check the tomatoes. BAMMMMM, mother fucking dinosaur sized Mantis staring right back at you, holy shit did we hatch that thing? Holy shit does that thing want to eat me? So cool.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Snagglefins Functioning Quiver 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Power

Not much surf to speak of lately, like nothing, lake atlantic, flat as a pancake. Today was the first day I surfed in god knows how long, it was all of knee high a not so epic, little slides on the right board. Pretty craptacular spring and now start the summer doldrums, least we have pretty flowers to stare at.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome To The Jungle

Out front, going off

Out back, going off

Two very different times of year, cest la vie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

neighborhood beautification

Our rad neighbors let us plant our veggies on the side of their house which has better southern exposure than we do. They have two concrete planter boxes outside out their house, one small and one large. We planted the little box for them a few weeks ago and they were stoked. After putting it off for a while, my neighbor on the other side of our house, Snaggle and I decided to have it. The box is 12' x 6' full of weeds, gravel and shitty soil (more like dirt). While my neighbor and I began to sift out the gravel, pull out all the weeds and get rid of a bunch of the dirt, snaggle went on a mission for soil amendments, Bumper Crop, Manure and soil. She also made a massive Home Depot run to scour the garden dept for quality plants. Snaggle came back with a Truck full of garden, it was unreal, she killed it. Beers were drank, crappy music was played, many a pedestrian ogled at what we were doing, several people attempted to play armchair quaterback and from a box of dirt a garden was made.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

arugala, so good

I try and plant it everywhere, its tasty spicy goodness, its also called Rocket. Just sent Snagglefin this email and thought I would share it.
"the rocket flowers are developing seed sacks that resemble pea pods, the seeds are small but maybe in a few more days I may be able to harvest them and replant the deliciousness with an identical result."

I have had great luck last year harvesting seeds, mainly morning glory, cosmo and nasturtiums. All the seeds have grown into awesome plants this year. I would like to do the same with my vegetables if we can.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a year and a day in the box

last year we built a magical flower box in front of the house. We were plant crazy and didnt realize that when plants say plant two feet apart they meant from any other plant no just the same kind of plant. Well, fukem, we planted a bunch of stuff way to close together and hoped for the best. Here is the box fotos taken one year and one day apart. Wait until you see the ladybug fotos after we found aphids on the honeysuckle we unleashed a can of ladybug whoopass on them. Ladybugs like to procreate, ladybug porn coming soon...