Friday, March 26, 2010

time to make the soil

1) My beloved roto tiller on loan from my parents, its makes soil building so much easier. The roto tiller is resting on our super wormy compost container.

2) Bumper Crop Premium Organic Soil Builder, if I could be sponsored by Bumper Crop and Schlitz I would be a happy man.

Organic Chicken Poo gets mixed with our own Compost as well as Lobster Compost, Peet, vermaculite and Cedar Mulch

4) These rubbermaid bins are awesome for mixing the soil in

5) Here is the side garden that we built last year, these are pine boxes that lay directly on the concrete, we put burlap cloth on the bottom of the boxes to minimize soil loss. If I get a chance I will post the building process from last year as well as some fotos of last years garden.

6) Building soil is dirty work, Snagglefin grabbed the Nature Shapes Paddleboard for a quick rinse to get the dirt off. Water was crystal clear and Caribbean blue but flat as a lake. While she grabbed the paddle I planted our Snow Peas and Sugar Daddy Peas using Legume Inocculent, let see how that turns out as last year our peas grew up to the roof line I cant imagine an even better harvest this year.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

wirms are yummy

What a winter, so much snow, so much bs cold, not enough waves. I kept wondering if the compost would hold up that we started last year or just turn into one giant block of frozen rotting shit. Borrowed a compost turner from my neighbor, opened the hatch and hoped for the best. Being we added new matter to it all winter I figured some stirring would be in order. First stab and twist, woosh, a flume of steamy heat, I aint no botanist or even a gardener but when there is heat off your compost pile that means its doing its job. Even better was the 1000s of worms the next turn of the fork spun up. Now we are in business. Also stopped off and got some supplements and soil, Bumper Crop (more on this rad product later) and lobster compost and chicken poopoo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the air

Time to get gardening, clean out the vegetable beds, cut back the roses, make new soil, get the peas, carrots, radishes, and lettuces in the ground. 86 Broccoli, we had no luck with it last year and I am committed to only growing what we have had success with in the past or trying a couple of new things. Hope to keep you posted with some fotos and gardening tips and probably some really good screw ups as we get the growing season going...this blog will also be dependent on the surf, if there is waves expect very little updates. Although as the summer doldrums set in expect frequent updates, as the garden keeps us sane as we await Hurricane Season (harvest season for east coast surfers).
Thanks for watching,
PS we use no pesticides or fungicides and do our best to our garden as organic as possible.

(our first spring crocuses, stoked)