Saturday, March 20, 2010

wirms are yummy

What a winter, so much snow, so much bs cold, not enough waves. I kept wondering if the compost would hold up that we started last year or just turn into one giant block of frozen rotting shit. Borrowed a compost turner from my neighbor, opened the hatch and hoped for the best. Being we added new matter to it all winter I figured some stirring would be in order. First stab and twist, woosh, a flume of steamy heat, I aint no botanist or even a gardener but when there is heat off your compost pile that means its doing its job. Even better was the 1000s of worms the next turn of the fork spun up. Now we are in business. Also stopped off and got some supplements and soil, Bumper Crop (more on this rad product later) and lobster compost and chicken poopoo.

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